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Hi – I’m Randy, your guide on your retirement journey.

The journey to retirement can be difficult, especially if we don’t plan very well, and can be more stressful if you have a family that is depending on you!  Here’s a picture of me – just a regular guy on vacation at the lake.  Nothing special, but my beautiful wife, and two kids are.  And those two kids are now attending a private college.  So I have more to think about than just me, and you might too!


Here’s a bit about my quest for retirement security –

I have spent over 30 years working as a nuclear engineer; I’ve worked for utilities and engineering firms, and even operated my own engineering firm for over 11 years.  Over that time I made plenty of money, plenty more than it should have taken to secure a comfortable retirement for myself and my family, so it seemed to me.  I had even “saved” some money along the way.

So you would think that after 30+ years as an engineer we would be financially set, right?  WRONG.

One day, after fighting through some back of the envelope calculations (on a spreadsheet, I AM an engineer!), I was faced with the glaring reality that we would not have nearly enough savings to afford the retirement that we had dreamed of.

This realization was NOT FUN.  Especially since I was already well over 50 years old!

hand-792920_960_720My wife was already working.  We took a hard look at where the money was going and found that we were NOT spending extravagantly. So it wasn’t just a matter of “cutting back on things”.

Selling the house and renting, or buying something much cheaper (and moving) would be very painful process.  Time was running short – I knew I needed to find a way to make start making some additional money NOW, without leaving my present job.

So how did things turn out?

After months of searching and trying out other money-making “opportunities” (and LOSING money on some) I finally found out how to do it.  There was some hard work ahead, but I set my mind to it and was soon through it and on my way to achieving my financial goals for retirement.

IMG_0536Looking back on it, this has all happened pretty quickly.  I’ve now retired from my stressful engineering job, am working from home, in a very low-stress “career” that I now enjoy, and hope to soon actually RETIRE EARLY.  I’ll be traveling a lot – and enjoying another passion of mine, photography with my instant cameras.

Retire early??  Seriously?

YES!!  You can do it too, even if you are MORE “behind the 8-ball” saving for retirement than I was.  You CAN do this.  Lots of people already are, and there is lots of room for more!  Check out the other pages on my website and find out how.

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  1. Hi Randy! You have such a clear message and wonderful information on your site. I really appreciate your recommendations and nonjudgmental guidance. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much Jessica. Yes this is the aim of my site, to help people that are trying their hardest to reach retirement – which often seems so distant – to actually get there and be able to enjoy it once they do. All the best to you!

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