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money-1622122_960_720Many, if not most people would love to learn how to make money online.  Wouldn’t it be great to able to make an honest, good living right from home – without the stress of having to go to an office or punch in on the clock, all the while making someone else rich?  But this is not a dream – it is entirely possible and available to you, and everyone else right now, if you are willing to put in some effort to make it happen.

Starting your online business will cost you almost nothing, so the best advice for getting started with your online business is just that, to GET STARTED.  You and I both know that, we’ve been told it many times, although we don’t always do it.

Why is that?  Well yes, sometimes it is simple laziness, or factors that really are beyond our control that keep us tied to the daily grind at our current jobs.  But you should really take a hard look at your own situation – is this really the case for you?

More often than not, the problem is that we don’t actually know WHAT to get started doing, and HOW to get started.

The good news is, this is no longer a problem!  Although there are many ways to do it, and many internet scams out there also, there is a tried and true way to make the extra money you need for retirement (or for any purpose you may have!).  It has been used for years and is available to YOU right now.  All you need to do is follow those who have blazed the trail before us, and be willing to do what it takes to be successful.

So I’m not here to tell you that money will fall from the sky without any effort on your part.  But if you are willing to do some actual work in order to start seeing success, you will find the payoff to be well worth it.  Also, success will breed success, so the time to start is now!

road-sign-1280243_960_720I’m not even going to bother detailing to you all of the dead-end roads that I tried before I found the company that helped me find what I was looking for.  Let’s just say that following lots of leads on other internet “opportunity” scams, betting lots of savings on risky stock market plays, hoping for inheritance money, etc., etc., ultimately lead to nothing.

In fact, it lead to lost money, lost time, and a loss of self-worth – which is actually less than nothing, and could very well end up to be MUCH LESS THAN NOTHING.

What Actually Works?

key-1020134_960_720I’m only going to focus you on the plan I finally found, the one which actually works.  The plan I found involves developing web-based marketing for other businesses.  Being an “affiliate” is a very profitable way to make money using the internet, and it is a strategy being used right now by thousands of companies around the world.  Even Amazon has a business doing this.

However, no one, not even Amazon, has a program that actually HELPS you get started in the business.  I found a company that does, and I followed their lead.  This company provides step by step training on how to do it, for FREE!

How Do You Do It?

Well, there are many ways, but I suggest you learn about it, make sure it is right for you, and start with a plan, training, and immediate ongoing support right when you need it.  And by support I mean both computer, techy-type support, and inspirational support and help for your ideas and questions by lots of actual people.  The company I found that can help you with ALL of this is described below – for now we’ll just call them “WA”.

What Does It Cost?

This method involves making sales on a website that you design, very simply and easily.  HEAR ME OUT – YOU CAN DO THIS.  What you sell on your website is truly up to you – probably the best sales opportunity lies in whatever your passion is.  You will need a website, and while you can build your site offline for free, connecting it to the internet costs about $14 per year (you have to renew the domain name each year).  Your work will be to build and publish the website, and run your business.  This can actually be fun – especially if your website involves something you are passionate about.  And it can be easy – using the WA process you can build a simple site and be “live” on the web the same day.

So, there is a small $14 per year cost to get your website registered with a domain registration company.  However, the cost to access the plan and program, including help and encouragement by the founders of the company I will show you, and the many thousands of people just like you (and me) is FREE!!  That’s right, there is no charge.  This gets you started, a plan to follow step by step, with video lessons, and the help of thousands of others including experts in the field), check out the company and learn for yourself that it is a legitimate, respected business helping many like you get extra money daily, for retirement or for whatever purpose they want!

Note that there is a very small list of countries for which the free option is not available – this is because these countries are known to have a high incidence of scams and payment fraud.  So if you are located in these countries, you may either not be able to access membership yet, or the only membership available is the paid, monthly premium membership.  However, this is still the PREMIUM membership, which is the one I use and which provides incredible value.  Just try it one month and you will see what I mean.

More About The Company

dollar-1362244__180The founders of WA already knew how to build websites, but they wanted to know more than that.  They wanted to find the best way for people to make money with them.  So, they simply looked around and saw what was happening.  They saw a great way to do business on the internet developing right in front of them – affiliate marketing.  They jumped in with both feet.  Then, they took it to the next level – they found a way to make it easy for the rest of us to do the same – even those of us (like me) who know NOTHING about building websites or business on the internet!  And best of all – they have been successful doing this now for more than 10 years, which is an eternity compared to some get-rich-quick, fly-by-night “opportunity” scams!

To see more details about the program check out my WA review page.  To see what a lot of other people are saying about WA right now, read these reviews!

Is There A Down Side?

In my humble but honest opinion, no.  You COULD actually do this yourself, if you knew what you were doing, had money to invest, had connections for help, etc.  My advice is DON’T try it on your own.  There is a TON of help available through this company that you can use for FREE that will lead you to success without going off on your own.  Why re-invent the wheel, and very possibly going through the school of hard knocks before being successful?  Once I investigated this plan, saw how many others were doing this right this very minute, and admitted to myself that my success really only depends on ME and the effort I put into it, I realized that for me there was VIRTUALLY NO DOWN SIDE.  I think you will find this to be true as well.

group-464644_960_720 How Can WA Make Any Money If They Don’t Charge Anything?

Well, the founders of WA are smart guys.  They know that once people investigate the program for themselves, and see that it is legitimate, NOT a scam and actually will work, and for sure once they start seeing some success with their businesses, a number of them (probably MOST of them) will want to upgrade to a PAID membership that allows full access to everything that they offer related to building their businesses and getting successful even faster.  (I actually didn’t even wait that long – I upgraded my membership the second day after I found out about and had a chance to investigate the program, just so I could get going on it faster.)  But YOU DON’T EVER NEED TO DO THIS; you can be successful for virtually no cost, and many people do just that.  You will still get tools to easily build a website, instructional videos and support from other business owners and the thousands of people doing it just like you – for FREE!

Great, How Do I Start?

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the link located here.  Check out what I’m telling you on their site (no charge, no credit card required) and see if I’m not telling you the truth.
  2. Join as a FREE member.  Follow the steps, including the videos and other instructional information laid out on the WA website.
  3. Keep at it, DON’T quit.  When you get stuck, ASK QUESTIONS – you WILL get answers right away, and if you still don’t understand, just ask again!  It’s that easy!
  4. Listen to the encouragement and support of others in the WA community.  When you are ready, offer some encouragement to the community yourself – you may find yourself wanting to do this on Day 1!
  5. IF you see the value in WA (and I think you will, most likely on the very first day), THEN you can decide to upgrade your membership.  But that is always (of course) totally your call.

hiking-1031628_960_720That’s it!  Of course, as I’ve said, building the website is where the work is, and although there are templates, you will need to use some original ideas and thoughts – but we all are gifted with passions and once you start you will see how much easier this is than you thought!!  They even give you some ideas to get started with if you can’t come up with some on your own.  And they provide you with tons of help and encouragement along the way – webinars, videos, chat (gets a question answered in minutes, sometimes seconds!) – it’s all available to you for no charge.  I will be available to help you as well if you have any questions.  And, the founders of the company are online answering questions from people like you and me, every day of the week!

This is the best way to learn how to make money online.  Again, FOLLOW THE STEPS, don’t try to shortcut anything – there is a reason they are so successful, and have been for over 10 years.

Feel free to leave me a question or comment on this page below – I’ll get back to you.  Or, feel free to stop by my Wealthy Affiliate profile page and drop me a note there!

Best of everything to you.  I’ll be online at WA cheering for you too!!  – Randy


  1. Hello here. You will many visitors happy who look for legit ways how to earn money online.
    Of course it takes time, patience and perseverance but it is doable.
    Many people reached goals and stream now for new ones.
    The start is always confusing . Fortunately there are companies which teach how to start business online from scratch.
    Knowledge is one thing which we do not need to carry on shoulders.
    All the best reaching and achieving your goals, all the best, Nemira.

  2. You mention in your article about not re-inventing the wheel; it brings to mind an old saying I remember. ” If it’s not broken then don’t try to fix it!”

    You’re correct about all the scams and other programs out there. To have a single program designed to take you from start to finish with building a successful online business is an excellent option and one that is worth looking into when you have a free option for starting.

  3. Hello, getting started making more money is a great website you have created. I am a member of Wealthy affiliate and am working on 2 sites right now. I have learned so much being a member here and my sites are starting to do pretty well and are both indexed in google. Your information that you are sharing for people is very accurate and I hope more people can see that this is the real thing.

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