How To Build A Free Website

browsers-1265309__180If you have followed my posts you know that I have found out not only how to make additional income online from home, but also how to build a free website.  This “technical detail” is one of the big things that has finally allowed me to make dramatic progress toward my retirement and life goals.

As you may know, the way that I found to make additional income is called “affiliate marketing”, which is really finding other companies which will pay you a premium for doing the advertising for them, via a website that you create.  Many people are making a lot of money with affiliate marketing, right from their own homes (just like I do).

In this post I’ll show you how to build a website the way I did.  There are other ways of making money from home through your computer as well, and many of them involve doing or selling something from a website.  And you may have your own reasons for wanting to set up your own site, that have nothing to do with making money at all!

Of course, if you have similar goals, then regardless of your motivation you have to actually have a website to accomplish them.  And, not all of us know how to just go out and build a website on our own.  Especially if we need one that can generate enough visitors and traffic to produce income.

The great thing is, you don’t have to go to website or HTML school anymore to build your own site – anyone can do it, very quickly.  Website building has been simplified and there are services and platforms out there that offer “fool proof” ways to create professional looking sites.  Whether you are looking to create your own websites for affiliate marketing, or you are looking to create a website for an employer or a friend, you can now do that easily.

How to Build A Free Website (It’s Easier Than You Think)

When building a website you should know that there are several key concepts to be familiar with, and several decisions to make:

Your Website.  The first is probably the easiest to understand:  your website, which contains all of your content, pages, posts, and the like, which you create and are yours – your property basically.  The look and feel of the site are designed and controlled by you ultimately.  So, you will need to know what information you are trying to convey, and how to make that information interesting, attractive and engaging to your audience – those visiting your site.  This isn’t the focus of this post, but it is (of course!) hugely important, so I want to tell you where to get help if you need it (and most of us do when starting out).  The best source of step-by-step guidance and training available is provided FOR FREE by WA – I used this information  when I built my first site (and still do), and I recommend that you do also.  For more information on them check out my WA review.

Your Website Hosting Service.  Another consideration is your website hosting service.  This is almost as important as your site itself.  Most people don’t host sites themselves (on their own computers) these days, but rather pay to have their sites hosted on someone else’s computer.  The host not only stores your site but also makes sure it serves your pages and posts quickly to people that visit your website.  The reliability (“uptime” vs. “downtime”) of the hosting service is a consideration as well, if you are relying on your site for business purposes.  The hosting service may also provide site backup and other functionality that you may need.

For this purpose I recommend the SiteRubix hosting service – which reliably hosts thousands of sites from users, business and otherwise, all around the world every day.  SiteRubix can generate a website for you right now for free – simply type your site name into the box below and you can have a hosted site reserved right now!

Of course you can fill in the content for your site on your own schedule, but this tool shows you how absolutely simple this process is.

Your Website Content Management System (CMS).   This is the tool you use to build out your site, making it as simple, as functional and/or as beautiful as you like.  You no longer need to know HTML language and coding to produce a beautiful website.  There are a number of choices available, but WordPress is the best-known and most used of them all.  It is an online, open source website creation tool that is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system used today.

Here are some benefits to using WordPress:

  • Can be very easy to install (click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No coding necessary (need for HTML or advanced knowledge is eliminated)
  • Over 1,400 attractive website templates to choose from
  • Over 10,000 additional features available to improve the functionality of your website
  • Large support group for help within the WordPress community

WordPress is the exclusive framework I use to build ALL of my websites – I have never outgrown its capabilities and continue to be quite happy with it, so there is no need for me to look elsewhere.

Now I want to show YOU how to get your own WordPress site.  The video below shows you how you can get a fully functional WordPress website right now for free:

how-to-create-website-30-seconds_largeWATCH VIDEO:  Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

As I said, I can help…but only if you are willing to take action on the help I give you.  If you want a website less than 5 minutes from now you are going to need to take these two steps:

1: Start Building Your Website for free at
2: Create a Totally Free Account

You now know how to build a free website.  Better yet, assuming you have followed the steps above, you now have access to two free websites and the best website training platform available.

If you need help with anything related to getting your website going, please let me know – leave me a comment below, or stop by my Wealthy Affiliate profile page and leave me a comment there.  I’m looking forward to helping you be successful with your websites!


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