Two Simple Reasons To Consider Joining Wealthy Affiliate

There are many reasons I could give for joining up with Wealthy Affliliate and making it a firm part of your plans for generating additional income now.

However I’m going to only focus on two of these today – the Training and Support provided to new members of WA.  Just these two perks alone are enough reason to join the thousands of others that have taken advantage of this program.

TRAINING – the Best Available

how-to-create-website-30-seconds_smallThe first is the excellent training provided on the WA website.  There are hundreds of videos (I think it is actually in the thousands, but I can’t say for sure) and new webinars weekly showing you step-by-step how best to leverage your website investment into a money making machine – supplied by mentors who have done it and learned through experience!

You get to bypass many of the mistakes and time-wasters that you would be up against had you tried to do it on your own.  From nothing, I had my own site up and running the same day using their tools and training.

At the right is an example of the excellent training provided on the WA site – this one walks through the simple process of building a website for free using the WA-provided tools.  It was developed by one of the two founders of WA, Kyle.

I have watched many of these videos multiple times – often I will run into something I don’t know how to solve, but that I recall being answered in a training video.  A simple search of the available training content database will call it up for me to watch, as many times as needed!

This is just one of the many free training videos available on WA – MANY more are available with the Premium membership.  Most of these are created by successful members of the WA community to support others in their online businesses (see below!).

support-487504_960_720SUPPORT – Community, Founders, Tech Support, On and On!

The Wealthy Affiliate support community is unparalleled in the affiliate marketing industry – THOUSANDS of very friendly and helpful people out there, available to help you with advice and support when you have questions or want to just “talk”.  The community is VERY supportive, whether on the 24/7 Live Chat tool (a super-fast way to get answers almost immediately to your questions), in questions posted to the various “classrooms”, private messages, or in (WA internal) blog responses.  I’ve seen quite a few people that build up a very large group (thousands sometimes!) of followers, asking lots of questions, before posting their first website.

To see an example of the WA community at work helping people, click HERE.  This was a question that I posted to the community when I was stuck with a tricky decision to make, and the community helped me to find the answer.

Over time, as you get some experience and start to help each other it can be a very rewarding experience, one of the best you can get online.

Of course there is plenty of helpful technical support available, and the company founders (Kyle and Carson) are active in the community, developing training, webinars, answering questions personally and posting on Live Chat every day.  I had a number of lengthy and very helpful email exchanges with Kyle himself in my first year with WA!

Just remember – YOU CAN DO THIS.  This isn’t rocket science.  It does take your effort and dedication, but if you join Wealthy Affiliate, there will be many, many people are there to help and support you 24/7 on your way to success.

Go to my post My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate to see my full review of Wealthy Affiliate.

To see a whole bunch of WA reviews by members showing their experience with the company (not written by me!), click here: READ REVIEWS


Let me know what you think.  Post a comment below – I’ll respond!  Or, check out my Wealthy Affiliate profile page and leave me a comment there.



  1. Hi Randy, you do have a great web site about affiliate marketing. i am already enrolled at wealthy affiliate from where i have learnt quite a lot in a short time. there is truly plenty of technical information and the walk through videos which cant be easily comparable to other rivals. it was worth every bit of input indeed. Best wishes as you continue going forward!

    • Daniel, thanks for your comments – yes as you are now aware Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best place to learn about the emerging field of internet affiliate marketing. I’m staying right here with this program (I’ve tried a few different ones and this is the only one I’ve found to be the real deal).

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